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0Xc000007b Error Fix – How To Repair 0xc000007b Errors On Your PC

0Xc000007b Error Fix - How To Repair 0xc000007b Errors On Your PC


Windows normally come across errors like the0x000007b error when your system has problems with some of the files and settings on the hard drive. The 0x000007b error often shows when you try to open programs like Microsoft’s Visual Studio or Internet Explorer. When this error is encountered, Windows is unable to run and load up these applications, hence, the urgent need to fix it.

What Causes 0xc000007b Errors?

The typical error message that appears on your screen is this:

  • “The application was unable to start correctly (0xc000007b). Click OK to close the application.”

Numerous factors cause this error to come up. It may be the case that another program is triggering the error, or your PC had been infected with viruses. It is also possible that your registry has setbacks. It is important that you identify the real cause of the problem so you can undertake the necessary measures to resolve the issue.

How To Fix 0cx000007b Errors

To begin, you can identify if you have any problematic programs causing the error. This is simple to do as the alerts will pop up every time you run the affected program. Once the faulty program has been determined, you have to remove it from your computer and re-install again to fix the problems with it. To delete programs from your system, you have to go to “Start” and then locate “Run”. After that, type “appwiz.cpl” and then click “Enter”. Next, you have to find and choose the program you want to delete from the list and then press “Remove” (for Windows XP) or “Uninstall” (for Windows Vista and Windows 7). Afterward, reboot your computer. This process will remove the program from your PC. To re-install the program, you may download a new installation file from the internet or use an installer CD/DVD.

If after completing the above-mentioned steps the error still persists, then you might have issues with your registry. The registry is a huge database where vital files, information, and settings are stored. Windows reads the files it needs to run programs smoothly through this database. Unfortunately, the registry gets damaged, corrupted, or clogged up easily, making Windows unable to access the required files in order for it to execute its operations. Once this happens, problems like the 0x000007b error occur all too often. To address this issue, download and run a registry cleaning program like the highly recommended “Frontline Registry Cleaner”. This tool will clean your system and remove all the errors, thus restoring your PC back to its normal condition.


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