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10 Tips for Acne Free Skin


Having a clear and glowing skin texture is one of the most appealing features of the human body. Now there are many ways of slowing down our aging skin, and the most practical way would be to use natural treatments.

Okay… so what are these 10 anti-aging remedies that will help fight acne?

Be aware of what skin type you have. This is crucial because not all anti aging treatment suits everyone. And also know what type of acne you have.

Drink a lot of water. One of the reasons people have bad acne is due to an unhealthy liver. And to restore a healthy liver is to drink water… and lots of it. This will help the liver flush out the bad toxins that have piled up.

Washing your face. If you have regular skin with acne, do this 1-2 times a day. And if you have sensitive skin, do likewise. But if you have oily skin, you may have to do it 3-5 times a day. Always wash with warm water, and then finish it off with cold water. Then dab your face with a towel.

Be gentle… after all, it’s your skin. Don’t scrub or scratch your face with a face cloth. Rather use your hands to rub your face. And avoid using harsh soaps… mild soaps works just fine.

Maintain your skin’s hydration levels. And whatever you do… you must keep your skin hydrated, or else it will become dry and sensitive, which is similar to old-age skin. So to counter this, you need to moisturize your face daily.

Use mild soaps that don’t contain oil or alcohol. Many people who use harsh soaps end up with worse looking skin. And some people who see this rather use baby soap, but that is also wrong, because they have a lot of oil in them. You just need an average soap bar that will do the job.

Protect your skin from the UV rays. By applying sun block, you should be able to go outside and your skin will not be harmed. And 90% of Skin Cancer is caused by too much UV radiation.

Physical training is very important to having healthy skin, and by getting your blood pumping, it makes it easier for the other organs to do their skin-healing jobs. If you don’t go and exercise, it’s almost like a blocked drain that never gets unplugged. But once you get your heart consuming more oxygen, (which is great for the body) then all the toxins in the blood will be destroyed, and you’ll have much clearer skin.

Natural nutrition. “Let food be your medicine, and let medicine be your food”. Stay away from unhealthy fast foods and junk foods, because they will not benefit your health or skin.

Reduce stress. It’s amazing what dramatic changes stress can do to the body. And same goes for being calm. When our minds are relaxed, our bodies follow suit.

And these are the 10 best skin care tips that will prevent acne from ever appearing on your face, and they will also benefit your whole body as well.


Source by Tom Swift

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