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12 Points Should Be Considered Before Hiring PSD to HTML Service

Points Should Be Considered Before Hiring PSD to HTML Service

Hiring PSD to HTML service from a web development company is a major decision and demands a high cost of operation. Therefore, an individual should select his web development company carefully. There are some common things that a person should consider before hiring PSD to HTML service from any web development company. Negligence of these common factors can leave one in big trouble. Below, 12 important factors are discussed which a person should keep in mind before taking PSD to HTML service:

1.Cross-Browser Compatible (X)HTML Coding: A good website should be accessible on all major browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, etc. therefore, website codes should be well commented, CSS based and World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) validated. In addition to that, the codes should be properly tested on IE6, IE7, IE8, Firefox, Safari, Opera and Chrome.

2.Quality code: Good HTML code plays a very significant role in a website. By claiming the high-quality HTML coding means website code should be clean, hand-coded, table less, well structured and easy to understand.

3.SEO semantic code: Using search engine optimized (SEO) semantic coding from PSD to XHTML conversion can be very beneficial for the overall visibility of the web portal. Google’s Googlebot, Yahoo crawl on more SEO semantic coded websites to extract relevant content from XHTML codes. By coding your website with SEO semantic codes one can drive a high rate of traffic towards his website.

4.Workforce: The workforce employed by a web development company from which a person is going hire PSD to HTML service matters a lot because ultimately the web developers will be going to handle the entire project. Therefore, a team of web developers should be well skilled and educated. Make sure that the web developers are well experienced too.

5.Online Order form: Check whether the company is offering an online order form or not. Online order form plays a very significant role in the entire process of PSD to HTML conversion service. It is the form which contains all requirement and basic information of a client regarding the project. The online order form is the well-sorted page of combined details such as package cost, turnaround time, etc., in one place. It is a standard form of collecting requirements of a client and consumes very less time.

6.Turnaround Time: A person should never forget to ask for the minimum turnaround time taken by the web developer for PSD to HTML conversion. Turnaround time is the total time involved in PSD to HTML conversion by a web developer. An individual should prefer only those web development companies which come with quick turnaround time (as per project requirement).

7.Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA): The Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) is nothing but a legal contract between two parties formed to protects non-public business information. In the case of PSD to HTML conversion service, a confidential relationship formed between client and web development company. As per this agreement, a company promises its client that it will not disclose confidential and proprietary information to third parties for any purpose. So, before hiring PSD to HTML service from a web development company confirm whether it is ready for a non-disclosure agreement (NDA).

8.Work Style: An individual should never forget to confirm the working style of a web development company from which s/he is planning to hire PSD to HTML service. Some companies follow a transparent work style whereas other companies do not follow this policy. So, a person should beware of such a difference in the work style.

9.Additional support: A person should ask a web development company from which s/he plans to hire PSD to HTML service whether it is offering any type of additional support such as availability at the time of emergency, 24 hours customer care, after-sales technical support or not.

10.Portfolio: Before assigning a project a person should first have a look at the prior work done by web developers of a web development company. In other words, an individual should never assign his PSD to HTML conversion project before checking the portfolio of a company. The portfolio of a company is the graphical representation of its framework done so far.

11.Guarantee: Check whether web development you opted for PSD to HTML conversion service is coming with any type of guarantees like satisfaction and money back or not.

12.Payment plans: It is the most crucial factor negligence of which can turn into a big problem. Check the payment plans offered by the company before hiring it for PSD to HTML conversion service.

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