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3 Common Mistakes to Avoid for Building a Great IOS App

3 Common Mistakes to Avoid for Building a Great IOS App


The dynamics of iOS development have become more compact and trendy with the launch of Swift as a core programming language. However, the use of Objective C is still in pace many developers are still using it instead of shifting to the advanced level programming language, Swift. Experts state that though it’s true that there is a thin line of difference that separates a good app developer from an expert.

Adhering to this fact, here are some of the most common mistakes which, people mostly make during the phase of app development.

Avoiding Beta Testers

Believing that your app is the best one in the market might make you feel repented in the long run. Viewers are the ideal people who let you know the standpoint of your app in the App Store and thus, it is ideal to consider the opinion of the beta testers. They are a vital segment of your targeted audience and not merely a part of the random smartphone audience and thus, they are of prime importance to a business for building a successful app.

Compelling Users to Login via Social Media

It’s one of the most popular ways for marketers these days to fetch users but while evaluating the option practically, it is not the preferable choice of many users. Though, having a social media login for your app is important, but, often people dislike it and look for other options to log in. The ideal way is to have a social media option as well as an option of standard registration via email for the convenience of the users.

Using ‘UITableViews’ in the Wrong Way

We use ‘UITableViews’ for displaying a tabular interface on the iOS devices. Ideally, it is ideal to recycle the objects present in UI for improving the performance. Thus, cell recycling is one of the most effective ways of programmers conducted within all levels of development.

However, using the cell properties of UITableViews require utmost care for defining all the properties as because, once, it starts malfunctioning, it can lead to a displeasing experience for users while they scroll through the UI.

Precise preparation is a necessity when it comes to the implementation of a project successfully. Adhering to this fact, entrepreneurs mostly tend to seek the help of the professionals for their app development projects. With rich technical expertise and in-depth knowledge, they help businesses to succeed with their iOS application development projects and fetch greater ROI.


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