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5 Best CakePHP Shopping Cart Extensions - Programming Codex

5 Best CakePHP Shopping Cart Extensions

5 Best CakePHP Shopping Cart Extensions

Since the time of its launching, CakePHP received worldwide PHP developer’s attention as a flexible framework. It is not only suitable for building business websites but also for developing custom software, applications, online portals and shopping carts.

To improve the eCommerce website manifold, this PHP development framework is a very good choice. When you get the following plugins offered by CakePHP, you can get the most out of this framework. Read on and know how these set of extensions can help your shopping cart to get accuracy as well as dependability.

> CakeCart

This plugin can help you to get a fully fledged and user-friendly shopping cart. It comes with the support that helps in implementing major plugins such as Google Checkout and PayPal. Customising and launching an online store is now extremely easier with it and it is capable of handling a heavy store.

> CakePHP-Cart

To deal with different types of shopping cart facets, this enhanced extension provides CakePHP developers with advanced resources. You can work with the interactive functions and can easily customise different web applications. Developers are extremely fond of the flexibility that CakePHP-Cart offers.

> VaM Cart

This is a fast developing and extremely easy to use PHP-based plugin. Whether you are a newbie or an experienced PHP developer, you can effortlessly work with VaM Cart. With the help of this plugin, you can put a plenty of products under a plethora of categories. Automatic image resizing, inbuilt-SEO, product reviews etc. are some features offered by this plugin. If you are new in the online business field and thinking of starting a newly built online store, go for this extension.

> BakeSale

It follows CakePHP’s MVC framework and delivers the complete base structure that you need to use while building authentic and extensive shopping cart applications. The MVC framework, which is the base of this plugin uses jQuery and JavaScript library for the AJAX and all the effects offered by it. Additionally, the method of adding new functionalities to the BakeSale becomes smoother for the CakePHP developers using it.

> Kaching-PHP

Rather than having a generalised online store thinking of building the store in your way? Using Kaching-PHP will give you the full freedom to do so. Plus, it will give you a sample store along with a helping hand on how to start building your store. Have enough experience in handling diverse resources for developing a cart? Well, you can use this plugin for advanced supplies.

So, now you know how to make your CakePHP built store more impressive. Get a hold of these plugins and stay ahead of your competitors in the vying business market.

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