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A Woman of a Certain Age Shakes It Off, Shakes It Off - Programming Codex

A Woman of a Certain Age Shakes It Off, Shakes It Off

A Woman of a Certain Age Shakes It Off, Shakes It Off (1)

I’m not a big fan of Taylor Swift’s songs. She’s a girl of a certain age and is more concerned with: players, haters, fakers and heart breakers. All that dating stuff. As she ages and marries, has kids, and endures the eventual deaths of family and friends, you’ll begin to see her lyrics mature. I will say this about Ms. Swift. She is a very good businesswoman and a great philanthropist. For Christmas, she sent her super fans presents. In one she included a check for almost $2000 to pay off a girl’s student loans. She also donated the proceeds from her hit song, Welcome To New York, to the New York City school system. Nice thought but she should have put a codicil or two on that donation i.e. to be used ONLY for computers or TV for the classrooms. Otherwise, it might go to new staff lounges or trips for management. I guess I’m cynical when you’re dealing with bureaucracy. I digress. With that kind of stuff, she rocks. Thank goodness she is a great role model for our young girls unlike Madonna and her freak show. I digress again. I began to think about what a woman of a certain age, meaning me, would write about now that she is “beyond” Ms. Swift’s age. What would I want to “shake off”? ” Baby I’m just gonna shake, shake, shake, shake, shake, I’m just gonna shake it off, shake it off… ”

A guy who cut me off on the freeway and shot me the finger… shake it off.

A woman with the cell phone on during American Sniper… shake it off.

My spouse trying to tell me how to do something that he has no clue how to do… shake it off.

The young man walks to a business’ door before me and walks through and lets it slam in my face… shake it off.

A longtime friend makes a onetime but hurtful comment… shake it off.

The cost of my favorite Starbucks drink has, once again, gone up… shake it off.

This list, Ms. Swift, can go on and on…

Things you can’t shake off…

Call back because of your recent mammogram…

A kitten’s purr…

Pitbull’s Fireball bouncing around in your head… (Yes, even women of a certain age love Pitbull.)

That extra 20 pounds…

The death of a parent/sibling/friend…

hot flash, hot FLASH, HOT FLASH!

This list, Ms. Swift, can go on and on…

What are some things you can or can not “shake off”?

Source by Linda M Caminiti

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