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About 192-168-1-1! The Private IP Address

About 192-168-1-1! The Private IP Address


The IP or Internet Protocol address such as is a specific address utilized by computers for computer networks in the communication and identification process. It is the identifier for recognizing electronic devices connected to a network.

The IP address is a personal IPv4 one. It is located between and You can configure any brands of network routers or computers on local networks for using it. But the address is restricted to a single device on the network for preventing address conflicts.

Private addresses are quite unusual as they can be used many times for a range of networks. It means that having the same IP address for a variety of networks at the same time doesn’t cause any interference or conflicts. And despite that, the range of private IP addresses is considered to be non-routable which means these addresses are not able to communicate on the Internet as routers are set to block the entry traffic delivered via private addresses. This may be their disadvantage but it might be an advantage in another way. As outer networks do not connect to private ones, this IP address will not be vulnerable to the nasty elements such as irresponsible or bad users.

If there is a necessity to link to outer networks, this private address has to do a gateway, so that other networks can detect it. A router may also allow Internet use between these both networks. To have this happen, you need a proxy server or NAT (Network Address Translation). In any event, note that two networks might have the same IP address. Also, some arousal problems in accessing the router are possible. Browser settings need to be cleared for that.


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