Accelerating Web Application Development With RAD Tools

Usually performed by specialized programmers, it can be varied or specific, depending on the Web pages requirements. It is necessary for the programmers to be familiar with the specific coding, which includes HTML, XML, CSS, ASP, LSP, Flash, Perl, and others.

Recent adoption of portable devices has increased the demand for web applications. It is construed that new applications’ demand is outstripping the supply. Perhaps the answer lies with RAD (Rapid Application Development, also referred as Rapid Prototyping) tools. RAD tools use automated design and coding which can replace manual coding processes hence could bring new tools and processes to change the fundamentals of applications building.

Automation speeds Web application development by eliminating methodologies that are dependent on the skills of certain individuals. It expedites the application development to improve agility, which is important for web and desktop applications. RAD enables visualization of the end design 20% quicker than conventional software development.

A Web application development company can utilize the Spiral method by using modern RAD tools. Spiral development breaks a project into simpler pieces that can be developed concurrently. Independent testing of each part can be undertaken before wrapping them altogether to complete the project. RAD with spiral development cut the required time to develop applications by increasing flexibility.

The recent shift from desktop to web applications created a new set of tools and methodologies for development. Those newer tools deliver applications through the web via AJAX (asynchronous JavaScript and XML). AJAX is a set of technologies allowing developers to web-enable applications and run them in a web browser.

For most developers, the initial step for moving applications to the web is selecting a development suite incorporating RAD capabilities. A suitable RAD environment should be able to do the following:

” Incorporate methodologies for web-enabled applications

” Interact with databases

” Feature an IDE (Integrated Development Environment)

RAD provides the Web application development process credibility by facilitating customers to provide inputs via a portal. It can serve as a feasibility study from the developer’s point of view. By integrating customers to participate, the developer can obtain data on how the process performs with satisfactory results.

Another key element of RAD was visual programming for a Web application development company. According to its concept, there is a possibility to construct a software with little or no programming knowledge. It further explains that by hooking to a kind of workshop-like development application, non-programmers can create programs. However, this ideal has never been fulfilled though visual development procedures became a part of the programmer’s toolkit.

Source by Neeraj Kumar Mehta

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