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All About Cisco CCNP Voice Certification - Programming Codex

All About Cisco CCNP Voice Certification

All About Cisco CCNP Voice Certification

In today’s networks, voice technologies play a vital role and every IT professional should get acquainted with voice technology as it is inevitable to maximize their career potential. Getting Cisco certified gives assurance to the candidate’s ability of working with routers and switches. Cisco, the pioneer in technical certification came out with another popular certification called the Voice Professional certification which includes the voice track. In order to achieve this certification, a sound knowledge in IP telephony is required. Similar to other Cisco professional certifications, this too is gaining a lot of attention from IT professionals as it shines on the profile when applying for a job position.

Generally, in a telecommunication system, voice and data are maintained by separate personnel. However, CCNP Voice certification enables a person to handle both successfully. Voice certification is a boon to job hunters as many companies are migrating towards VOIP solutions, and are on the look out for professionals who can help with the migration and can maintain the new set up. So, CVOICE certification is definitely a buzzword that can catch the focus of HR people.

Voice examination or cisco CCNP over IP is widely known as 642-432 examination. Being one of the most important certifications awarded by Cisco, this certification imparts knowledge on operation of data and voice on the same network. This Cisco certification assures the candidate’s knowledge in implementing and integrating voice solution in networking access levels.

With this certification, the skill level of professionals gets updated with the latest knowledge of technology, to fix any troubleshooting and to tackle infrastructures in communication services. It enables the professionals to come up with several communication based technologies into a single integrated solution.
Exam Details

Those who want to get voice certification have to pass the exam for this conducted by Cisco. You have to register himself at the VUE Center in person or online through Pearson VUE website for appearing in this exam. The exam comprises of 55 to 65 questions that should be answered in English. It has multiple choice questions, and the stipulated time limit for completing the exam is 75 minutes. In order to succeed voice certification, proper preparation, hard work, and right training are obligatory.

CVOICE certification assures that the candidate is an expert in IP Telephony. The exam tests the candidate on the knowledge to install, configure and support a Cisco unified communications solution from 8-250 phones. The topics for Cisco Voice examination include the router configuration, integration of basic IP telephony to existing PSTN networks, basic IP Telephonic operations, troubleshooting and support. Concentrating on all these sections help the candidate to succeed in the examination. Even though, getting a CCNA certification is a difficult feat, succeeding this certification can offer bigger and better career opportunities.

Owing to the growing number of organizations that are choosing to go with VOIP, people having the CCNP voice certification will always be in demand, So, take advantage of this certification, and gain lucrative job offers!

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