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American Welding Society Certification – AWS Codes and Specs


 If you are in the welding business and working from engineering drawings, you need to be familiar with the American Welding Society Code books.

Why? Because the AWS is the only game in town when it comes to welding codes and specifications. And if you complete a job and some third party welding inspector asks to review your welder’s certs, you are kind of screwed. Its kind of hard to convince an inspector to overlook something like that. You are not going to find a welding test inspector willing to back date welding certifications either. Just like ole Jerry said “the mule has done got out of the barn”

“But my welders don’t need to be certified” you say. Really? Read your drawings carefully. If you see something to the effect of “Welding to be performed in accordance with AWS D1.1” that means your welders do need to be certified in order to comply with the drawing requirements.

You may have been getting away with no certification for years. But eventually, it could cost you big time.

There are too many AWS codes to list but I will list the most widely used codes for your benefit and if you are in an industry where these codes are referenced on drawings, you might want to purchase the books and bone up a bit.

  • AWS B2.1 Specification for Welding Procedure and Performance Qualification
  • AWS D1.1 Structural Welding Code – Steel
  • AWS D1.3 Structural Welding Dode-Sheet Steel
  • AWS D1.2 Structural welding code- Aluminum
  • AWS D14.1Specification for Welding of Industrial and Mill Cranes and Other Material Handling Equipment
  • AWS D14.3 Earth moving and construction equipment
  • AWS A3.0 Standard Definitions: Including Terms for Adhesive Bonding, Brazing, Soldering, Thermal Cutting and Thermal spraying

You might not need all of the AWS codes listed above but do some research and start reading the notes on your drawings. If you see that little statement “Welding to be performed in accordance with AWS …” You need to dig further and buy the AWS code books you need to make sure you comply.

 And then get your welders certified to the right code soon… so that just in case you are called to task one of these days , and a blood sucking lawyer asks you questions about due diligence and welding certification, you will have a ready answer.


Source by Jody Collier

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