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Anaconda Snakes – Facts You May Never Want to Forget!


With its average length of more than 20 feet and weight that passes the mark of 550 pounds, the anacondas are no doubt the biggest snake that one can find in this planet. However there is one snake that gives the giant anaconda some competition in terms of length, and that other snake is the Asiatic Reticulated Python; in the scientific circles known as the Python Reticulatus.

The longest Reticulated Python was measured to a length of 33 feet. A length of 33 feet may be gigantic, but even this python does not match up with the girth of the anaconda which is far bigger than that of the reticulated python. But make no mistake!

Anaconda snakes may not be the longest reptiles around, but they surely are the biggest in wide on averages that can be found in any given concentrated ratio across the world. The physic of a fully grown anaconda is extensive. The smooth body of this reptile is all muscles and nothing else. The anacondas make the use of their extreme muscular frame and strength to get hold of their prey.

Being a member of the constrictor family of reptiles, the anacondas first get hold of their prey using their sharp but non poisonous fangs. Then they coil themselves around the prey and make its kill by squeezing the entire amount of air out of the prey. The prey either dies of asphyxiation or is crushed to death, which makes their swallowing for the predator really easy.

The anacondas mainly feed on aquatic organisms, but it is also known to make wholesome meals of caimans, capybaras, deer, sheep and even jaguars. Owing to their extra large structure, these anacondas are slow moving creatures, so it mainly relies on its stealth mode and an element of surprise to catch its prey.

Anacondas are known to spend most of their lives in slow moving rivers, flooded forests and swamps. They are shy and solitary creatures that mind their own business unless they are hungry. This is the reason for them not being seen to often. The color of their skin which is of a dark green hue camouflages very well with their surrounding and adds up to their element of surprise in catching preys.

The anacondas are mostly found in the Amazon swamps of South America, and some explorers have even reported of witnessing anacondas of more than 100 feet. How far these reports are true no one knows as none of that size have be captured till date. Some experts use the skin of the anacondas measure the length of the reptiles, but this process is widely regarded as an inaccurate one.

The problem is, the skin or hide of these reptiles can be stretched or expanded with ease. So, numerous records by explorers claiming to have seen really gigantic anacondas should be taken with a pinch of salt. No matter how big or how small the anacondas are, the fact remains that they are very rare and beautiful creatures and are on the verge of extinction. So it is our duty to protect them and not hunt them just for the sake of our curiosity and amusement, and the best form of protection that we can offer them is to leave them alone.


Source by Michael Gutemberg

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