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Angela’s Backlinks – What Are They And How To Outsource Her Backlink Creation Today

Angela's Backlinks - What Are They And How To Outsource Her Backlink Creation Today


Angela’s backlinks are well known in places like the Warrior Forum.  Keep reading to find out what they are and what you can do with them. Angela is a Warrior Forum member who many years started experimenting with backlinks herself.  In fact, if you do a search in Google for the term Angela you’ll usually find her at number 1.

Angela has found a way of uncovering very high page rank sites that you can add links to – as high as pr9.  Sometimes she even finds gov and Edu links that are viewed very highly by search engines such as Google. Every month Angela releases a set of 30 high page rank backlinks, page rank 6 and higher.  As you build your links your search engine positions will continue to rise and hopefully get you to number 1. Every month you receive a book that shows you precisely what you have to do to get each of the links appearing on the site, including useful screenshots and more.

There is one very serious drawback with Angela’s backlinks and that’s the time involved in actually creating the profiles yourself. Most marketers find this too time consuming and look to places to outsource it.   To get started you could go to freelance sites like Odesk and Elance. All you would need to do is post a job to get started and review applicants who apply.

Once you decide on the right applicant you provide them with the backlink packet and they’re good to go. Another drawback is that Angela doesn’t go into too much detail as to what you should actually put in your profiles for the highest chance of getting your link allowed on the sites.


Source by Colleen I Slater

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