Archos Releases 5 Android Internet Tablet Devices

The Android tablet is promising to give the iPad stiff competition. While the iPad was the first commercially successful tablet computer, Android based competitors are currently in development and nearing entrance to the marketplace. It is up to the forces of the market to determine how successful Android tablets will be.

Archos Internet Tablet

Archos is one of the largest companies currently working on the Android tablet market. They have several Android froyo tablet solutions coming to the market.

Archos 28 Internet Tablet:

The Archos Android tablet Archos 28 is a small personal media player that is capable of playing videos, audio and movies. The device is loaded with the Archos App library due to Google not allowing access to the app market. This small device will retail for $99.99 and will ship with Android froyo.

Archos 32 Internet Tablet:

The Archos 32 is a 3.2 inch screen with 8GB of on board storage. This device adds a composite port to allow for images to be displayed on a television. Also, this tablet has a camera on the back that is capable of recording video in 720p. It will be available for $149.99 in mid September.

Archos 43 Internet Tablet:

The Archos 43 is a device that is equivalent in size to the Dell Streak or the Apple iPhone. It supports a 1 GHZ ARM Cortex A8 processor. The Archos 43 is capable of playing games or doing any other tasks that you might want to complete wherever you go. This device is going to be available in mid October and will retail for around $199.

Archos 70 Internet Tablet:

The Archos 70 is an updated version of the Archos 7 home tablet. This device is going to be around four tenths of an inch thick. It will weight in at only 11 ounces! The Archos 70 does not have a rear camera but will be equipped with a front facing camera. There are going to be pre loaded video chat applications on the device that will allow people to communicate through the device. This tablet will be available for $274.99 and is expected to ship in mid October.

Archos 101 Internet Tablet:

The Archos 101 is the crown jewel of the Archos lineup. This device is expected to ship in mid October and will be around $300. This device is only half an inch thick and weighs just over nine tenths of a pound. The 1 GHZ on board processor will make playing video a snap. It shares some of the features of the Archos 70 including the VGA camera as well as USB and HDMI ports. The kickstand that is included with this device will also ensure that you are able to watch movies or show slide shows wherever you might be.


Archos is releasing a large collection of Android froyo tablets over the next couple of months. These tablets can be had for any price range as well as any features that a user requires. Whether a user wants a simple and easy to use model or they want the fully featured model, Archos is offering up a diverse product line that will please their customers.

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