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Are You a Multitrician?


Although there is currently much need for people in the field of multi-related and transferable energy, as of yet there are no true multitrician technicians certified. However that will change because in the future I imagine, even if no certification currently exits. In fact no school, college or University offers degrees in it and no Industry associations have yet embraced this new science.

What is a Multitrician? It is an electrician who can use Alternating Current, Direct Current and Electromagnetic Energy. This person must also understand the Winslow Principles of Vibrational Energy transfer, frequency manipulation and how this affects molecular structure, light, sound, water, gravity, heat and quantum computing.

Soon there will be multitricians amongst us as we modify our current understanding of this dimensions reality and how to deal with that which is available and waiting for us to tap into. Currently in this present period there is a limiting of thought which is occurring due to the politics of what we now call “science” which is preventing us from getting to the next step and solving all those energy issues everyone is talking about all the time.

Yet soon, if we wake up and make good on our national promise to the sciences with proper funding and grooming of the next generation, the break thoughs we discover will take us to the place that makes multitricians one of the most sought after and rewarding jobs of the human endeavor, think about it. It is waiting for us; will you be the first multitrician?

Just think, what if you were building a solar aircraft like the Aerovironment “Pathfinder” and you had to incorporate all the autonomous flight control systems with the motors and control surfaces, while making sure that the aircraft stayed away from clouds using it’s on-board radar to make sure the solar panels were charged. But that’s not all, you’d have to be an expert in solar panel wiring too, at a very high-level to keep the aircraft light. This might be one example of where a multitrician would come in handy.

Surely, you and I might come up with many more. Consider robotic autonomous human android like systems, which had used prosthesis or exoskeletons to help the AI system learn all the movements. This programmed system would mean you’d have to be well versed in computers, robotics, artificial intelligence, power supplies, etc. Not just anyone will be able to do this line of work you see? So, you might need to be thinking here if you ever hope to make the ranks of the future multitricians and stay gainfully employed in your career.


Source by Lance Winslow

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