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Avoiding Misconceptions of App Designing

Avoiding Misconceptions of App Designing


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It is for sure that mobile devices are used on the go where people don’t get ease of searching and navigation. Mobile devices are small and have limited touch screens which do not allow a user to make easy search especially in a rushed state. Experts say that designing of a mobile application is always successful when you adopt minimalism ruling.

Minimalism means that the clutter needs to be eliminated. Every screen of the application including home page must have one central focus. When it comes to atypical gestures, it is recommended that you make users know about its use because they don’t pick up on these easily. Mobile users always appreciate small things which contribute to good user-experience.

Simple Menus and Navigation

Menus and navigational bars need to be simple to develop good user-experience for the target audience. When it comes to traditional websites, menu bars are usually located at the top of the page but this cannot be applied on mobile screens because you need a lot of space to do it. However, experts use the menu as a drop-down accordion or icon on the top left or right of the screen of the mobile device.

Design for Touch

In early days, people used to interact with a website through keyboard and mouse. The primary mode of interaction in mobile devices is touch and this is what makes designing entirely different. Care is needed when designing for mobile devices because they have smaller screens. In mobile devices, the design focus has to be on fingers of different types, shapes and their applied pressure.

Avoid Images

Designing a mobile application needs a strong strategy so as to maintain the flow of the process. Fancy images which create gradient and shadows can slow down your application. Make sure you use a fewer images in your application to achieve the special effects. It is always good to learn the basics and incorporate the same into the design. Experts say that dropping fancy text as images is helpful in making the application fast to respond.

Mobile Specific Features

There are many features like GPS, Gyro-meters and other sensors in mobile devices and they are not available on desktop devices. Plan a good strategy and figure out how you can take assistance of these features in order to make the user-experience even better. Mobile specific features can help you come up with a good design which is not possible in any other devices.


Source by Naveed Alii

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