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Backlink Sites – The Pros & Cons


No one wants to spend all of their time trying to get a few back links here and there to promote their website more. The time and effort is simply not worth it when you could be working on more important parts of your online business! So instead many people opt to use backlink sites to build a large amount of backlinks as quickly as they can but many do not take into account the quality of the site they use or the quality of the links.

You see not all links are created equal; some are downright inferior when it comes to helping your page rank and some are even detrimental too! Backlink sites that offer to give you heaps of links must be help accountable for the quality of those links. Quality backlinks come from three main things; Page Rank, Relevant Content & originality.

This means if you are trying to get a better rank for your sporting goods website you want links from other sites with a good page rank, content to do with sporting goods or sporting in general and with fresh original content that gives some value to the user; in fact all of those things are what YOUR pages should be too!

This does not mean that backlink sites cannot help, many of them adhere to these rules and give back an increase in ranking well worth the money invested and as a business that is exactly what you need to build a great site with good content. Leave the backlinking to those with the resources and get on with giving the user a great experience and you cannot go wrong!


Source by Michael Porteous

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