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Backlinks for Blog Posts Strategy

Backlinks for Blog Posts Strategy


When it comes to ranking your blog post; it is important to have a strategy to give your blog post a head start when it comes to search engine rankings. Unless you have a large budget to advertise and promote your article-the organic route is the best option. However-it can become very laborious and time-consuming; so you will need bucket loads of patience and motivation!

There are key steps in this process- here is a quick break down of these steps:

  1. Research-make sure you research relevant keywords. When you start out it is important to make sure that you rank for long-tail keywords as these will give you more success in the short term online. Once you gain some momentum with your website- you’ll be able to re-think your keyword strategy.
  2. Planning your content: When it comes to writing your blog post, it is important to plan your article. What style are you going to have? Who is your audience? Are you writing a review, story, news piece, or an informative article? What angle are you going to come in at? How many bullet points do you want to cover? Planning is a big part of the procedure- do NOT skip this stage. Use a spider diagram to help you achieve your goals!
  3. Write-up: Now it is time to write your article. Make sure you include any bullet points from your spider diagram. Ensure your grammar is correct, readable and your keyword isn’t frequent- only approximately 2-3% of the word count. Ensure the article includes pictures and diagrams where appropriate, and link out to other sources. This gives your reader’s a better user experience.
  4. SEO (on-site): Now it is time to optimise your article. Ensure your keyword can be found: throughout the body copy, the article’s title, any images ALT tags, and make sure you use H1 to H5 headings; separating your bullet points. You will also need to complete your Meta Description to include the keyword for the article.
  5. Rewrite your article: Now you have a complete article; it is important to rewrite this article another 5 times. This will be explained later. If your original article is 1000 words, reproduce your article with 800, 600, 400 and 250 revised words. These new articles are going to be used to create backlinks to your website!
  6. Submit: Now you need to submit these new revised articles to article submission sites and link back to your original article. This strategy; will entice the reader to click the link to read the fuller article and in turn, will drive traffic back to your website.
  7. Analyze- once you have completed all these steps, it is important to review your stats on the website. How much traffic has been generated? Where did that traffic come from? What platform worked best? This new information will help determine your on-going blog marketing strategies.


Source by Miss L Swan

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