Backlinks – Why is it Important?

Backlinks - Why is it Important?

If you are keen on generating targeted search engine traffic, then you should be aware of the importance of backlinks in SEO. While different search engines deploy different algorithms to index websites, the number of inbound links to a website is given more weightage. If more and more websites point to your website, web crawlers will understand that your website has useful content and the robots will index your website more frequently. The amount of quality backlinks directly affects the number of times your website is indexed. If you don’t follow safe methods to get backlinks to your website, you will get into trouble very easily.

Many webmasters spend a lot of time in building a large number of backlinks for their website. Even though the number of inbound links is important, the quality of those links is much more important. If you are able to get a lot of incoming links to your website from websites regarded as spam by search engines, then you are really missing the point because your website will be neglected by search engines when links are not quality links. Each and every link pointing to your website is weighed differently by the search engines based on the quality of the link.

Relevancy of incoming links to your website content is what determines the quality of backlinks. A link is considered valid if it comes from a website that is based on the same theme as your website. So, you should focus your backlinks building campaign on those websites that match your niche. If the websites pointing to you are built on similar keywords as that of your website, then search engines give more weightage to such links.

Aside from links, anchor text used in backlinks is also closely monitored by search engines. A few links with your keywords as anchor text are weighed more than a large number of links with irrelevant anchor text. You need to have a good tracking tool to monitor your backlinks building campaign so that you can track the source and anchor text of links coming to your website.

Building backlinks can’t be done in a single shot. If the search engines find out that your website suddenly receives a huge number of backlinks, then it will be reported as spamming. According to a recent update from Google, the timestamp of link creation will be taken into account by the search engines. For your inbound links, the date of the creation of links will be notified. Your website must build links over a period of time and there must be some addition and deletion of links from time to time.

You may own several websites and you may consider linking multiple websites to improve link popularity of all websites. While it can’t be called spam, search engines will still consider this activity to be fishy when you link websites with the same IP. You can include links of your other websites with the same IP here and there, but make it a point not to build backlinks to your website from other websites owned by you.

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