Ball Pythons Vs. Boas: The Great Snake Debate

If you’re thinking of getting a reptile as a pet, you should seriously consider getting a pet snake! Snakes are highly underrated pets and aren’t as bad as many make them seem. In fact, they are quite easy to care for and handle, which is why they make great reptile pets!

ll a snake needs is the right enclosure, temperature, food and a few necessities inside their enclosure and they’ll be the best reptile pets ever. There are two types of common pet snakes that people often choose from – ball pythons and boas. Both make great reptile pets for someone looking to go beyond a pet dog or cat. But which should you choose?

We’re here to help you answer that!
Ball pythons and boas for sale are both common pet snakes. But they differ in a lot of ways! Ball pythons are Old World snakes, which means they aren’t commonly found in the America’s. Boas, on the other hand, are New World snakes, so their traditional homes are in South and North America. However, both ball pythons and boas are boids (a classification for these snakes, which also include anacondas).

Pythons are egg-layers, with mothers being able to squeeze out more than two-dozen eggs in one clutch. Ball pythons also have their own specific morphs, or body patterns, as well as a pair of upper jawbones that are considered “premaxilla” bear teeth.

Many find pythons to be majestic creatures, and certain species of these snakes are known to grow really big (like the Burmese). But your pet ball python won’t get that big! Pet ball pythons are relatively small in size and will rarely get bigger than four to five feet long. They are docile reptiles, and will ball up when threatened (hence their name). These snakes can also live up to 30 years or more!

Why You’d Want To Purchase Boas For Sale
Boas are larger snakes and are beautiful in general. A huge difference between boa constrictors and ball pythons is how they give birth, with the boa giving birth to live young.

They’re very easy to care for and make amazing reptile pets for a first-time owner. However, be warded that boas for sale are more susceptible to respiratory infections, so you need to be mindful of maintaining its enclosure and the correct temperatures. They also can grow quite large and might require bigger housing, which could mean multiple enclosure upgrades as they continue to grow. Boas for sale are also docile reptiles, especially if you handle them regularly (which you should).

Expect your boa to live for quite some time, even up to 30 years. Although they don’t have great appetites like ball pythons, adult boa constrictors will need large animals to eat, including multiple rats or even bigger prey like rabbits.

Always Buy Reptile Pets From Reputable Sellers
The No. 1 rule when purchasing reptile pets online is to ensure that you buy from a reputable seller. You want to make sure that you get captive bred reptile pets, too. Many snakes that pet stores sell or that you buy at shows are often caught in the wild, which can pose a whole set of new problems with your reptile pets. Don’t be afraid to ask questions before purchasing your new reptile pet so that you make an informed decision! In the end, know that each individual snake will be different and every breed has its own characteristics that should be factored in when choosing the right pet snake. Also, long-term commitment is a must to ensure that both snakes can thrive. So don’t just think of these pets as short-term investments but rather long term family members.

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