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Basics and Criteria for Good Software Programming - Programming Codex

Basics and Criteria for Good Software Programming

Basics and Criteria for Good Software Programming

A program is a set of instructions or commands to be executed by the computer to accomplish some task. A program involves code for solving a problem and also good documentation which would be a guideline to anyone who tries to understand the program.

An algorithm is a formula, a method, a recipe, a step by step procedure to be followed to obtain the solution to a problem.

Conversion of an algorithm to a program in a programming language following the syntax and semantics of that language is defined as a code.

Syntax is the correct method or grammar of writing a command or series of commands which are pre-defines by that particular programming language. Semantics is the logical meaning of a program or series of commands, separate from the grammatical structure. The computer detects syntax errors but does not detect logical errors.

What are the Criteria for a good program?

  • It should be correct i.e. output should be as per the specifications
  • It should be reliable; it should function accurately for a long period and also function correctly over all ranges and combinations of data.
  • It should be robust; unwanted inputs or data should be identified and the proper error message should be flashed. It should never crash.
  • It should be user-friendly with enough comments, tips, on-line help, and short cut options.
  • It should be efficient, with minimum memory and quality output in an acceptable period.
  • It should be readable i.e. it should be simple so that it can be understood to make changes and enhance it if required.
  • It should be portable so that the program can be executed on different machines and the environment.
  • It should follow all standards and have proper documentation.

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