Be a Search Engine Optimization Ninja – Too Much Keyword Density Will Cost You in the End

You’ve probably heard the term “keyword density.” If you’re in SEO, you know you want to pick a term that you want to rank highly in the engines for and then you want to use that term all over your site: in header tags, in the page title, in bold and italic, in links, in the anchor text of links coming to your site.

But here’s a tip: Don’t overdo it. And here’s how you know if you’re overdoing it: You sound like an idiot.

Consider the “read it aloud” test. Read your page aloud and ask yourself if you’d be embarrassed to read it to someone. Or give it to a friend and ask them to read it. If they can’t tell what term you’re optimizing for, you’re set.

But you do want good density, right? So here’s what you do: You add a few mentions of your keyword and read it aloud. If it doesn’t sound stupid, add more and do it again. Once it starts to sound ridiculous, back a few off.

Here’s why you do this:

1. If your site is read by a human, you don’t want them to report it as spam and get you banned from Google.

2. If your site sounds dumb, visitors will know it’s spam and will leave. They’ll just hit the back button.

Remember: You’re trying to get search engines to rank you, but then you need PEOPLE to actually come to your site. Real, live people with brains. If your copy looks like spam, they’ll know… and all of your optimization will have been for nothing.

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