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Become Familiar With iPhone Application Development - Programming Codex

Become Familiar With iPhone Application Development

Become Familiar With iPhone Application Development

The smart phone has become a necessity in life for most people, and you can imagine how much money has been spent not only on the phones themselves, but also on the apps that have been downloaded on each one. If you have ever played a game, or used an app that you thought you could have created or improved upon, iPhone application development could be an excellent way to use your creativity and make money.

On average, iPhone users purchase and download 10 apps per month, and ipod touch users purchase an average of eighteen per month. For both of these devices the average of free downloaded apps is between eight and sixteen per month. The free downloads are a great way to practice and expand on your ideas for applications, and it also lets you see how popular your idea is, and how many people wanted your app on their phone. If you do decide to sell your app for a price, and it succeeds, then you can become part of the industry that makes millions of dollars worth of applications every month.

You need to have a few things ready before you start the developing process, and the first thing you need is an idea. You also need to have an Intel base Mac computer, SDK (software development kit) and an iPhone simulator. All of these features can be downloaded to your computer, but eventually it would benefit you to get your own phone or iPod touch so you can see how the app runs on the actual device.

First of all, you can’t do any iPhone development without SDK, and you can download this software for free at the apple developer website. When you get to the website you need to click on the Dev Center tab, and become a registered iPhone developer. In the Dev Center you will find information for documentation, sample codes and this is where you will find the button to download SDK.

After downloading, the most important content in your folder will be the Xcode, because this is the foundation for building applications. When you open the Developer application, drag Xcode to dock, and you are ready to start.

Click on Xcode and when the window opens up, you will have your interface builder in front of you. Go to the file tab and use the drop down menu and select “New Project”. You will then be given options for different templates, specific to the type of app you want to design. The best option for beginners is the Window based Application, and after you choose this you can start to build your app by applying labels and texts.

Next, you need to start coding, this will always seem confusing at first, but it only takes a small amount of time to get used to the language. Objection C is the language used to create all iPhone app programming. Basic codes connect an IB outlet to a UI label, adding another IB outlet for your main text field, and then adding an IB action to your buttons.

If you have an idea for an app, spend the time to learn the coding and programming for iPhone application development, and watch as your ideas and talent appear in the daily lives of others.

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