Benefits of Html5 Over HTML

HTML which stands for Hyper Text Markup Language is a widely used language on web to develop web pages and web applications,it’s an experience of WWW.

HTML describes the structure of web page and appearance of document.

HTML elements are the building blocks of HTML pages

Any kind of document or web page one needs to create,the structure should be first implied at the back of your head such as headings,paragraphs,links,quotes where these structure needs to be placed,while one as the skeleton structure can build it in HTML

To implement the structure writing codes in HTML starts,HTML elements are described using tags which are written using angular brackets,The start and the end is described as < >,</ >.Tags such as img which used to insert image, which is used to write a paragraph there are many more tags which can help to develop the structure

Updation is what the world is running on and HTML couldn’t get away from it,the latest updated version of HTML is

HTML5 is still primarily a markup language where more features is being added to the original HTML and some of the strictness is be eradicated from XHTML.

Improving the experience of WWW was required and hence there was a rift of HTML5.

The main advantages of HTML5

1.Making responsive

This task can be quite tough to developers since the website needs to fit into all mobile size there is, HTML5 provides developers with control of their website the way they need

2.canvas element

This element one of the most discussed feature of HTML5,using this canvas element,a developer can draw graphics using different colors and shapes by using scripts ex. JavaScript

3.web application performance

web sites in the past used to be less unique but the complexity is changed over time where HTML5 helps developers control their website performance.

4.customizable data attribute

the primary objective of this attribute was to improve storage,this attributes renders in storage of extra information

The main difference between HTML and HTML5

1.improved quality of audio and video is being supported by HTML5

2.canvas and other virtual graphics are supported by HTML5 where as HTML had depend on technologies like flash,sliver-light etc.

3.HTML5 uses WEB SQL databases,application cache for temporary storage data,Where as on browser cache could be utilized in HTML. form controls is being supported by HTML5,URL,dates and times,search etc elements have been introduced.some important ones are:


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