Best 5 Digital Comic Book Apps

The emergence of new technology has also impacted the world of comics and changed the way we use to consume it. Comics have had been digitalized and transformed into apps that allow users to read their favorite digital comics and also arrange their comic collections and series.

Here, in this article you will get a list of most favourite comic apps to be used with your mobile devices:

Comics by comiXology (Android/ iOS) (Free)

One of the most popular apps in the digital world of comics is certainly Comixology. It features your favorite comics from major comic publishers like Marvel, DC, and many others through which the readers can purchase and read from the website of Comixology. Comixolgy’s mobile app runs on Android as well as iOS platform and also allows users to download contents from the website. For reading comics on small screen phones, you can use a “Guided View” mode but the worst part of it is that it works only for Comixology purchases and one cannot import it from an existing comic collection neither can one buy it as an in-app on iOS. Apps from Marvel and DC also use similar patterns of app usage along with providing a publisher oriented collection.

Dark Horse Comics (Android, iOS) (Free)

Although, Comixology is a popular app but other publishers have also established their own apps and market platforms. One of them is Dark Horse Comics (Android iOS) that features some hit franchises, some of which are Star Wars, Mass Effect, Aliens, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It has an extensive collection of manga and manhwa, Sin City, and Hellboy. To talk of its visuals, it has certainly a smooth Comic’s guided view but lacks a smoother operation of panel-to-panel view. Apart from all, it has best right to left reading modes in order to support Dark Horse’s extensive manga series collection.

2000 AD (iOS) (Free)

The 2000 AD supports iOS only and opens platform for users with a selection of free 2000 AD comics and magazines. It provides options to subscribe Judge Dredd Magazine, the Strontium Dog, Sláine and also the weekly 200AD comics anthology. Moreover, you can now purchase individual issues or also pick from one of its subscription selections and save it on the series.

Marvel Unlimited (Android, iOS) ($9.99/mo)

In spite of purchasing titles, users can get access to a pond of comics through Marvel Unlimited app from Marvel comics’ archives. For accessing, users can get a monthly subscription with $10 or $70 for a year and get uninterrupted access to more than 13,000 publications or issues from several classic titles of Marvel. But one of the most, non-interesting fact about it is that to gain access and read, you need to be online although one can bookmark up to 12 issues in order to read online and explore the awesome tales of Marvel.

ComicRack (Android, iPad) (Free / $7.99)

With outstanding features and usability, ComicRack made its jump into the world of comic apps. It has a striking desktop comic reader and features a list of comic issues. It features amazing library management, and several reading modes as well as customizations. It supports formats like. CBR, .CBZ, .PDF, .DJVU and you can actually sync your collection, issues and other content between your phone and desktop, so that you can actually read on the go.

There is a growing number of comic apps from which you can actually devour your favorite issues and comics and manage your preferred ones. It offers an appropriate platform for those whose quest for comics never ends and they relish in picking up their desired content in different places and at a go.

Source by Polly Uma Simpson

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