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Blog Backlinks Need Visitors To Comment If You Want To Increase Your Page Ranking - Programming Codex

Blog Backlinks Need Visitors To Comment If You Want To Increase Your Page Ranking

Blog Backlinks Need Visitors To Comment If You Want To Increase Your Page Ranking

You have to remember that you are trying to please two ‘customers’ when you write a blog, develop a website or put videos into YouTube. One customer will be the folk who may want to view or read what you have published and/or buy what you are offering. The other is Google and associated search engines. Unfortunately, both have different requirements and you must design your internet products to suit them both. It is through blog backlinks that your ranking can swell to great heights.

For the customer, you need good, informative and valuable content (Google also wants this). You need to be offering them a solution to a problem that they may be experiencing. BUT to get more clients, you need to be listed on page one of Google so that the traffic flow becomes huge (a minimum of 800 unique visitors per month); it is blog backlinks that can most easily achieve this ranking for you.

To be listed on page one of Google you will need to have your websites, blog and YouTube videos, keyword optimised. This is not difficult to do, but it is time-consuming. If you leave one of the processes out, then it may make the whole system collapse. I remember leaving a keyword out of the headings on each page on one of my websites and yet had everything else correct. I could not understand why the ranking did not increase. Then I realised what I had not done and went through every heading on every page (there were over 100 of them) and added the missing keyword. The very next morning, this website was ranked on page one of Google!

Now Google wants to see that there is interaction between you and your visitors. Social media is the way to get this, but it is very difficult to get the numbers you need via your own contacts. Therefore it may be worth considering purchasing comments to give your posts a good ‘kick start’ with blog backlinks (or video backlinks).

There are a number of organisations where you can outsource work to for your blog backlinks, at a very reasonable cost. Fivver charges US$5 for each task and Microworkers charge from US$0.30 per task. The tasks can be quite varied, from a ‘Like’ to a ‘Tweet’ or a comment and even writing an article. This is not expensive and your marketing costs should include blog backlinks.

The more interaction you receive the more other visitors notice and will begin to comment themselves. It can certainly help your marketing and promotion if you are able to show that your blog post or video is getting lots of interest!

The number of viewers your video or blog receives, plus the relevance to the keyword you have chosen, is very important for Google ranking.

I have two videos with the keyword ‘silk painting’. One has 7,353 views (114 ‘Likes’ and 67 comments) and the other has 936 views (25 ‘Likes’ and 12 comments) yet both are currently showing on page seven. I would think that the one with less interaction is more relevant to the keyword ‘silk painting’, as the first one is more about the designing process for the silk painting, while the other actually demonstrates the painting on silk, so has been ranked more highly as it is more relevant to the keyword.

Another video with the same keyword of ‘silk painting’ has 10,982 views (278 ‘Likes’ and 73 comments) and is currently listed on page four (it has been steadily climbing each week). This video was published around three weeks before the others; therefore there it has a longer history (another thing Google takes into account).

Of course, I am aiming to be listed on page one for all of my major videos and this will require a large growth in blog backlinks (and video backlinks). As I want to sell my product that the videos and blog posts refer to, I need more people to be aware of what I am doing and know how to contact me.

On YouTube, I have links to my silk painting website plus I have placed the keyword in the description section (which can be read by all viewers) to make it easier for viewers to reach me. It is amazing how many people do not do this when they place a video on YouTube! They simply produce a video and publish it with very little (or no) thought to the search engine optimisation of the video page.

Remember to keyword optimise your blog if you want it to be highly ranked by the search engines.

Source by Barbara Joyce Gabogrecan

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