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Understanding the Basics of Technology

The advancements in technology certainly helped many of us to be able to grow our business in ways that we had never considered possible. The

What Is a Mifare Card?

Mifare Cards are a proprietary high tech card which is basically a kind of contactless smart card or proximity card. There are different forms of

Advantages In Using A Card Reader

These days cameras with films are no longer in use, what most people use today are digital cameras where they can simply save the images

How Modern Technology Keeps Advancing

With each new wave of technological advancement it is difficult to remember what life was like before the “old” technology dominated. Think about the Walkman.

Quickly Remove Porn From Your Computer

Having porn in one’s computer is perfectly normal and harmless, but once you have kids around the house, a friend who normally borrows your computer,

History of the Breathalyzer

The breath alcohol analyzer, or breathalyzer, has been used for years to measure blood alcohol content, or BAC. “Breathalyzer” was actually once used only as



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