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The Effectiveness Of Academic Standards

This paper presents highlights from a synthesis of research findings associated with schoolwide projects. The synthesis focuses on three aspects: (a) characteristics of faculties and

Translating Into Canadian English

English is English except when it’s really U.K. English spoken in Britain or Canadian English spoken in Canada. There aren’t a terrible amount of differences

Android Vs IOS Development

Mobile platforms are clearly pushing desktop computers out of the market and according to latest statistics these will gain even bigger share of the market


OOP is the acronym derived from object oriented programming, where a program is divided into classes, each classes in turn sub divided in to functions

Optimizing Learning & Development ROI

We are often asked about how organizations can optimize the value of their Learning & Development or training programs, with many C-level leaders looking for

Software in Current Scenario

The word “information” is such a word, whose dimension cannot be defined. Each and every organization, institution or company require information to achieve excellence in



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