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Building Your Backlink Plan – The 10 Step Process You Need to Follow


When a company first starts out, building backlinks is about necessity. How are people going to find the website unless they are guided in the right direction? The effort may be messy and unplanned, but a few good links are established here and there. As time goes on and the website gains size and popularity, a backlink plan will be needed to keep building quality backlinks.

Step 1 – Research the niche. Every website has a niche. This niche should be researched fully so the content posted online reads as if written by a niche expert.

Step 2 – Collect relevant blog and website URLs. Once the webmaster knows more about the niche, they can play off of the most minuscule aspect of their content. A list of blogs and website URLs that are related to the information or service provided on the niche website should be collected.

Step 3 – Establish a PR. Before beginning the process of requesting links, it may be helpful to build a bit of PR. PR stands for page rank and it is the number given to a website by Google. The higher the PR, the more likely blogs and other websites will be to honor the link request.

Step 4 – Email each contact from Step 2 a personal email request for a link. This email needs to be focused on the specific website and personally written. This may increase the chance of having the link included on the website. If the entire list is emailed, start a new list and repeat.

Step 5 – Populate the blog / website. Every website should have a blog, but not every blog will have a website. Population of content is essential to trust on the Internet. The content provided needs to offer something to the reader without asking them to do something. For instance, the insurance website should include content that teaches the reader about the best insurance options without pushing their product EVERY time.

Step 6 – Build an online portfolio. Article submission helps a website gain backlinks and niche credit. The more quality articles submitted, the more links to the website published on the web. These articles can be outsourced via a SEO company or backlink building company, just make sure the content provided is niche specific and grammatically correct.

Step 7 – Gain publicity. No link building campaign will be effective without link popularity. Just because an article is posted on an article submission website does not mean that article will be reposted in other places. Popularity is gained via social networks, social bookmarking and just being social.

Step 8 – Offer something free. Everyone loves the concept of free, so an eBook, podcast or newsletter offered to a reader free of charge can help push the popularity of the website. Remember, an email newsletter can include links to the website and online content which will help the SEO process.

Step 9 – SEO every day. There are no days of rest when it comes to building a popular website or Internet business. That is why many companies often start the process by hand and then employ a professional to help keep the process moving forward. Some sort of SEO needs to be completed daily.

Step 10 – Repeat the entire process again. Have Fun 🙂


Source by Charles Kassotis

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