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Can't Figure Out HTML Programming? Try Using a Template! - Programming Codex

Can’t Figure Out HTML Programming? Try Using a Template!

Can’t Figure Out HTML Programming?

Building a website from scratch can be an intimidating task. In order to produce a high-quality website, one has to know how to use programming languages such as Java and HTML, just to name a few. These languages are not easy to learn and can take years to master, leaving you wondering if you should just pay a professional to develop a website for you. But there is an alternative solution: find a free template online that someone else has developed and modify it to your specifications.

As a website developer, I have tried to learn HTML and Java in the past and found out how difficult and obscure these programming languages really are. Many of the commands used in HTML do not make much sense and are not easy to memorize. In addition, there are so many rules about using parentheses, brackets, and quotation marks that one small mistake can ruin an entire program. Then you are left trying to debug a program that you do not really understand to start with. After several weeks of trying to learn HTML and realizing that I was getting nowhere fast, I turned to the internet.

On a popular search engine I searched for a solution to my HTML frustration. I thought since that internet has everything known to man, there may be a template that I could download into a HTML program and modify it to my liking. What I found was very encouraging: there are templates of every type on the internet for you to download. Knowing that you can download templates and sample HTML coding, I quickly purchased a HTML code writing program. I downloaded the HTML sample code to this program and was quickly on my way to a new website.

HTML programs allow you to see the code in its entirety and modify information such as color, text size, font, pictures, and text blocks. You can learn from someone else’s example how to create a website. It is much easier to look at someone’s work and change small details then to build from scratch. For example, if you want to move into a new home, would you rather build a house from scratch, knowing that it will take much time and money, or just find a pre-existing home and modify it to your personal taste? It makes sense that if time is an issue or you do not want to wait several months/years to learn how to do something, you can take someone else’s work and improve upon it.

Thanks to thousands of online templates available on the internet, I now have a beautiful, working website that meets my specifications. I have even included programs such as a shopping cart, AdSense from Google, PayPal, and graphics to websites such as my EzineArticles member page. If you want a website fast, do yourself a favor and find a good template online. You will save yourself money from not having to pay a website developer and tons of time that you could spend on learning HTML and Java coding.

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