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Cartier Fountain Pens


Cartier pens are exquisite pens designed for any budget. Pens start at just $50 and go all the way up to $9300 for custom design work. Cartier is a brand known to serve royalty, which started with jewels and watches and has now started to offer a premium choice for fountain pens.

The X530 Mitternacht Vintage Cigar Barrel Fountain Pen offers several different features including: A colossal cigar type barrel. The twist cap has premium threading. Silver accents adorn the barrel. The X530 Mitternacht Vintage Cigar Barrel Fountain Pen incorporates a skillfully etched nib design. Finally, this writing instrument has a removable ink converter. This pen ranges from $50-$75.

The Cartier Diabolo Fountain Pens features include: A black precious resin cap and barrel. The nib is made out of 18 carat gold. It also has a blue cabochon on the cap. Finally, the pen comes wrapped in a red Cartier gift box. This writing instrument ranges from $500-$525.

The X750 Marmor Fountain Pen has both a removable ink converter and is cartridge compatible. The Marmor boasts a skillfully etched 18 carat gold nib design. This pen ranges from $37-$50.

The SG2400 Blatt Fountain Pen exhibits a glossy lime green body with silver cap appointments. The Blatt has a removable ink converter and is hand polished for a perfect shine. The Blatt ranges from $20-$70.

The X750 Wohlstand Fountain Pen has a pearlized undercoat to the barrel that adds a degree of shimmering depth to the gold overcoat. The nib features 18 carat gold with a medium weight. The Wholstand is both cartridge compatible and offers an ink converter. The Wholstand ranges from $20-$50

The Cartier Dragon Limited Edition Pen has a midnight blue lacquer with a sterling silver dragon and emerald eyes. A Mother-of-Pearl cabochon is set into the barrels end. Only 888 pens were made. The nib is a Rhodium-plated 18kt gold medium nib. This pen ranges from $7999-$9300.

The Cartier Roadster de Cartier Pen is the latest writing instrument in the Cartier line. The black composite resin with a blue cabochon on the cap, along with 18 carat gold medium nib is the most versatile pen in the collection. The Roadster ranges from $550-$570.

The Cartier Limited Edition Louis Cartier Python Scale Decor Fountain Pen has python scale décor on the cap and barrel. This is a limited edition of only 1847 individually numbered pieces. The Python ranges from $1100-$1500.

The Cartier Limited Edition Louis Cartier Platinum Plated Gordon Fountain Pen is also a limited edition pen with only 1847 made. The Gordon has an 18 carat gold medium point nib and platinum plated cap and barrel with lines. This pen ranges from $1100-$1500.


Source by Abby Morrill

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