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Three Kinds of Python Practice Projects

[ad_1] One of my readers asked: “Any Python practice projects we can work on for learning you can suggest?” You bet. 1) A Django Webapp

My Three Favorite Python Interview Questions

[ad_1] Recently I was interviewing some Python developers for a job opening. And I thought I’d share my unorthodox methods for evaluating someone’s skill as

One Punch Python

[ad_1] There is a fun anime series called “One Punch Man”. And surprisingly, it has some great lessons for mastering Python. The story takes place

The Bartleby Effect: I Would Prefer Not To

[ad_1] I’m reading the new autobiography So, Anyway by Monty Python member, John Cleese. While telling a story, he invokes Bartleby, The Scrivener by Herman

Do You Know What Spam Is?

[ad_1] I am not talking about the tinned meat here or the song made famous by Monty Python. Spam is actually illegal but many people

Cartier Fountain Pens

[ad_1] Cartier pens are exquisite pens designed for any budget. Pens start at just $50 and go all the way up to $9300 for custom



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