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Cloud Computing And How It Can Impact Your Business

Cloud Computing And How It Can Impact Your Business


A successful business is done by groups, not individuals. It takes an entire team of people to efficiently create, test, and distribute products and services. So why are so many business programs on the computer designed to be only used by one person? Wouldn’t it make sense to provide all the workers on a team with an option for real-time collaboration and the ability to access the same set of resources and tools related to the project they’re working on? Cloud computing allows the storage of information on a server that can be accessed by multiple users. There are many benefits to this system of computing. Some of these benefits include improved worker productivity, decreased expenses for users, and the ability to work from any device with Internet access.

Workers can save time using cloud computing, therefore, increase their productivity. Instead of working on documents and spreadsheets individually and then e-mailing them to coworkers asking for comments and criticisms, members on the cloud can receive real-time input and assistance from their peers who are working in tandem with them on the same file.

Hard drive space is both essential and expensive, and cloud computing can save its users a significant amount of money by freeing up room on users’ computers. Large, important documents that once needed to be kept in a folder on a user’s personal computer can now be stored on a server, leaving more room for other files that the user may need. There are no downloads required for cloud computing. Simply log into the network and store the desired files.

Since work is stored on a server and not on an individual’s computer, project team members can access files on the cloud and work from any computer, phone, or tablet that has Internet access. This allows files to be edited regardless of their location, so if a user remembers they need to make a change to a document but they’ve already left their computer, it’s possible to use another computer or a smartphone to open and edit that document.

Cloud computing can make life easier for business owners and employees. Although there have been skeptics of cloud computing who claim there are several security risks associated with the practice, these risks must be very minor or non-existent if companies as big as Amazon, Yahoo, Google, and Microsoft are cloud advocates. Proper safety measures can be taken by strictly limiting who has access to sensitive information, and this will all but eliminate any chance for security issues and allow users to improve work quality.


Source by Chandra Heitzman

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