Cloud Computing – How it Can Save Your Company Money and Time

Cloud Computing can save your company huge amounts of money while significantly reducing your IT time.

“Cloud Computing” has been a recent buzzword on the lips of the technology industry. So what is it, and how can it have a positive effect on your business?

In its most straightforward form, it is hosting common software and data for your company on offsite servers. Your software and data is available “on demand”, usually through a web browser.

The benefits are vast, and immediate. Here’s just a few ways that Cloud Computing can have a big impact on your business:

o Reduced Cost: Pay for what you need, when you need it. Pay for the services you need today — not what your company may need five years from now. As your company’s technology needs grow, have the reassurance that you can instantly scale – so instead of having to buy new servers every few years, you simply pay for the amount of space and processing power you need today.

o Flexibility: Experience flexibility unlike anything companies have seen before. For instance, consider software. Previously, every computer in the office needed to have a copy of a specific piece of software. When it came time to upgrade that software, an IT professional would have to go from computer to computer to make the changes. All of the software is stored in a central location, and is available on demand. That means that software updates are instant, and centralized. Keeping your software up-to-date only requires minutes, instead of days!

o Increased Quality of Service: When you have an onsite server, if something goes wrong, you could be down for hours – if not days. Just think of the peace of mind you can have with the backups upon backups, so any unforeseen issues are dealt with quickly by relying on the powerful architecture.

o Decreased Need for Onsite IT Support: When all of your software and data is hosted in one place, offsite, the need to have full-time IT support specifically for your company is no longer needed. Instead, you pay a much-reduced cost for your Cloud Computing provider’s shared IT resources.

o Fantastic Mobility: With on demand software access, your employees can access their software and files from any computer.

Source by Alex M Martin

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