Cloud Computing – The Way of the Future, Or is It?

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing, what is it? chances are you have used a cloud but have not realized it. Sites like Gmail and Yahoo mail are perfect examples of cloud computing. Cloud computing is a technology whereby remote servers hold an incredible amount of information/software and maintain it in a way that is useful for online purposes. Essentially it means that the user does not need to install or store any files within his/her own PC ie: google docs. Any computer with internet access can benefit from cloud computing and it’s immense storage power.

This technology has been around for some time and many have benefited from it, yet we are only just seeing the potential of computing within the cloud. It won’t be long until we have computers that connect to the internet without having to go through the laborious task of starting up and booting. You open it up and “hey presto” you’re on the net, no lag time on startup. An example of this is Google’s android laptop which takes just 15 seconds to start up. Take the demonstration below as a case and point.

The negative to this, of course, is that if the internet or more specifically the server decides to meltdown then this could leave the business in a very awkward position. For instance, Salesforce is used by many businesses mainly in the service industry to maintain “opportunities” “sales” and “fulfillment”; if this were to go offline it would leave business with no access to their valuable contacts/jobs.

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