Control Your Home Lights Via the Internet With Your Computer Or Wi-Fi Handheld Devices

Control Your Home Lights With Computer Or Wi-Fi Handheld Devices

It’s a dark and rainy night as you return home from a long vacation. Your home is dark because all the lights were turned out to save energy. With your web-enabled phone you connect to your home automation controller. With a few keystrokes you instruct your controller to turn on the porch lights. The lights come on and you come home to a safe and comfortable home. It you have a router and modem for your home computer, installing a newly-released controller with amazing functionality and expandability is easy and affordable.

How it works

Picture this: You already have high speed internet service in your home. Your wireless router and internet modem are in place. You simply connect your existing router via an ethernet cable to a smart automation controller that plugs into a nearby power outlet. Then you then plug your porch lamp into another smart module and plug that module into a nearby power outlet. After you set up your system you are ready to go!

You can control your porch light with your wireless computer from anywhere in your house. Better yet, you can control your porch light via the internet from hundreds of miles away. You can use your web-enabled phone to do the same thing.

You can check to see whether your porch lights are off or on. You can instruct your controller to dim the light. You can instruct your porch lamp to turn on automatically at sunset, and turn off at sunrise.

How is this possible?

This system uses technology that communicates both wirelessly and over the electric power lines already installed throughout your house. Compatibility is the key. Everything must work together. There are home automation products on the market today that are designed to work together with maximum functionality.

It gets even better as you expand your home automation system

The basic system that you set up to control your porch lights can be expanded to do much more. You can control dimmers and switches, hard-wired outlet modules, plug-in modules, thermostats controls for heating and cooling, garage door controls, and much more — as long all the devices are compatible with each other.

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