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Corded VS Cordless Mouse


Some people keep asking what are the advantages and disadvantages of corded and cordless mouse, and which one should they buy it. Here is the result that I have found so far.

Advantages of Corded Mouse:

* Battery. You don’t have to worried about recharging the battery. Sometimes it’s quite annoying if the battery running out while you are doing something important. Moreover, the battery price seem to be more expensive compare to the electricity cost.

* Durability. Corded mouse usually has a longer life.

* Easy-to-use. Just plug-in, that’s all. You don’t have to install any driver or synchronize your mouse with the signal receiver.

* More Reliable. However, many brand new cordless mice have a high level of reliability as well but, of course, it comes with a much higher price.

* Price. Corded mice price are much cheaper in the same level of product quality. This is the main issue that people choose the corded mouse instead of the cordless one.

* Signal. Sometimes cordless mice may have a signal interruption problem from other devices or cannot connect to the signal receiver. But this issue has been improved in the newer version of cordless mouse.

Advantages of Cordless Mouse:

* Brand new technology, cool-looking.

* No more tangle of cords on your table.

* More freely to move.

From the experience of users I’ve found so far over the internet. More than 70% satisfied prefer the corded mouse, and the main problems that have been complaint most often is the battery and price issues.

However, many cordless mouse users satisfied with their mouse as well.

In my opinion, I have both corded and cordless mouse and I like both of them. The only difference thing to me is just the price. If you think that it’s worth paying more for remove the cord. Then the cordless mouse is your choice !!



Source by Chayanin Saransomrurtai

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