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Online web identity is the real need of modern day life. Internet has become the integral part of our lives and everyone needs to have his/her online identity. Now the question arises “How can we create our online identity?”. Well.. it was done by hiring a web developer till a few years back but now a days, one can find certain software known as content management system (cms) by which one can easily create his or her own website. They are really easy to operate and follow “what you see is what you get” (WYSIWYG) style. “WYSIWYG” is the functionality by which you may see the end result while creating the product. Does not it sense something weird? Yes, but the reality is there are best content management system with rich functionality.

Content management system is a software which makes the life of webmasters and owners of sites much easier by providing advanced technologies for making a website without taking any pain about the syntax of html/css as the best content management system take care all of such problems.

It gives you the opportunity to make all the content of your web site in a well organized manner and includes a lot of features that makes it possible for a lay man or a man with no knowledge of html/css, data base systems can build a web site which can be more good looking and much more complied with W3c standards than a website or blog created by a webmaster.

It was necessary some years back to get a good hand on html/css when building your own website or blog. But in the current scenario science and technology is too much improved as compared to some years back and now the speed of man kind’s progress is 100 times faster than ever. Now every one needs some thing like content management system, that a person who do not know anything about web site building can make his or her own website better than any site created by a web programmer and more importantly it only takes a few hours.

Whenever I used the term CONTENT, most of the people think that it is only about text but in the field of content management system, content means every thing which one can use on his or web site like it can be pictures, videos, voice clips, documents with different extensions, forms, banners, all the text like articles or speeches etc…

Some of the key features of the best content management system are listed below:

01- It should have some standard template which should also support CSS.

02- It must be W3C compliant

03- It should have the feature of browser based content creation and modification.

04- It should have all the features of some editing software like Microsoft word.

05- One should be able to create unlimited categories and then sub categories.

06- It should be available in multiple languages.

07- Sharing between the users should be so easy.

08- Admin must be able to grant several levels of privileges to different users like editing, creating and removing content.

09- There should be some built in feature that take care of all the stuff like reporting or some thing like auto updating of site at some time.

10- It should be able to take care of media items like folders and sub folders.

11- It should also generate some reports automatically to see the popularity of content.

12- It should also take care of link directories, polls, news etc…

13- Most importantly, the application itself should be safe,secure and robust.

There is a wide range of online content management system available in the market. Some are freely available and some companies charge for their product. Now it all depends upon the user to choose open source content management system which is freely available (recommended if you have web development skills and have enough time to fix issues) or to buy any paid content management system, enriched with outstanding features.

Source by Carmin Shah

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