CSS – The Missing Manual – Book Review

I just finished reading “CSS; The Missing Manual” by David McFarland. As a new web developer just starting out I have read dozens of books on HTML and CSS and this book was one of the most informative books that I have read to date.

The book is written in a how to manual style and takes you step by step into to style sheet creation process using CSS. What I like most about the book is how simple and easy the author wrote about this very complex topic. The book is very complete and covers every aspect of CSS, from text format, to layout, and even covered print media. I also like the format where the author would introduce a new concept and discuss it and then have tutorials right after to help you fully understand the idea. I also found the use of images and diagrams very helpful and I think I would have been lost without them.

The one criticism that I have is that I think there could have been even more tutorial. I think more opportunities to practice and apply what is being learned would have made this book the best in the category. I would also suggest tying this in with a website tutorial where you can apply what you are learning directly on the Web.

In closing, I think this was a great book with a lot of useful information. I would definitely recommend it to any beginner who is looking for a starting manual on CSS.

Source by Dan Keller

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