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Originally HTML was used to design web pages but it had many limitations and because of these limitations search for more efficient technology continued. CSS evolved as a web design option better than HTML. The limitations were removed in CSS. CSS is an abbreviated form of Cascade Style Sheet. CSS website design is a web designing method that allows keeping the content and design separately. If you are using CSS to design your web pages then your website will have number of advantages such as editing of web pages become easier, web pages become more user friendly, reduce the load time of website pages and the most important is that the website becomes search engine friendly.

Past years have recorded increase in the internet users surfing websites through their small screen handheld mobile devices such as cellular phones, PDAs etc. CSS designed web pages made the task of surfing websites easier through handheld devices. With this development, now people can surf websites outside their workplace, in their bedroom or even when they are walking or driving. This has been possible using CSS design because CSS allows controlling the structure of web page according to the resolution of the screen. You can create different CSS files to be viewed at different resolution and the webpage is displayed according to the CSS defined for the resolution of target screen. For example, you can create 3 column CSS website design layout to be best viewed at 1024×768 pixels and 2 columns CSS design layout to be best viewed at 800×600 pixels.

Mostly CSS properties of a website are controlled by using an external CSS file. So if a user needs change in their websites then they only need to edit a single external CSS file. Thus editing of websites also became easier with the use of CSS design. CSS website design is also easier to learn and understand as compared to other designing tools. CSS offers table less design and thus it helps to reduce the code of your web page. Reduction in the code size help to reduce the load time of websites designed using CSS whereas load time in a site made in HTML is more because the table structure needs to be reloaded every time the user clicks a new page.

CSS design also helps the search engines to spider the site easily. So with all the advantages as explained above CSS is the best designing tool for web designers. Beginners who want to become good web designers should start learning CSS after learning basic HTML. You can start surfing any site that is providing free CSS website design tutorials or you can also purchase an ebook.

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