Discover Advantages and Disadvantages of PHP Framework

Any framework is a good solution to code faster and easier! PHP is one of them! It abridged the paths and makes the coding better! “Better” is what we look for, don’t we? Any framework is aimed to ease the overhead associated with usual activities performed in web development! PHP has been the most robust platform in 2014 and it will continue to be in 2015 as well. So, folks get geared up with a knowledge kit of PHP framework. If you are a budding or an experienced PHP developer, this article will give you a better idea about the pros and cons of PHP framework. This will help you in every aspect of the project development phase.


There have been numerous advantages experienced while working with a PHP framework. Using a framework can motivate developers to work efficiently!

  • PHP entails better inbuilt functions:

With an excellent set of inbuilt functions, you can abridge tough tasks and obtain rapid outputs from PHP coding. You are availed with various functions; using them you can simplify the code in PHP.

  • Database is a vital point:

What matters here is the “databases” your project has! Because, it is the core point where all project data is saved and called for, whenever there is a requirement. PHP uses MySQL for the database needs!

  • Use wire-frame before coding:

It is always a good practice to use wire framing before you start coding. This will give you the perfect boost for the web development project. Ensure each wire-frame club all the elements and are placed rightly. Make a logical flow before you give it a go with “Coding”!


Let’s discuss the other side of the PHP framework solution!

  • Poor error handling:

It is said that, PHP has a bad error handling quality! It is not a feasible solution for the PHP developers. So as a developer, you will have to overcome with it.

  • Security:

Since PHP is an open source, everybody can see the source code! If there is any bug found in the code, then it can be used by people to exploit the coding practice!

  • Unable to handle huge apps:

PHP framework is not appropriate for a bunch of apps! It is difficult to handle because, it is not a competent modular!

  • Type is poor:

PHP type is poor since it leads to the unexpected bugs and awry programs!

Wrapping Up:

Having possessed a fair knowledge of PHP may bring you to the object-oriented programming, which is an added value to the fully featured PHP framework solution! Overall, PHP is an ideal choice if you are in the quest for a good web solution. It offers flexibility, scalability and affordability. Businesses today need such solutions that can make the beginner program apps in a better way right from the scratch. 2015 has arrived and there have been excellent PHP frameworks found for your online business. Pick the best PHP framework solution to have a sneak peek into your glorious web development venture!

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