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Do Backlink Generators Work?

Do Backlink Generators Work?


I imagine people who spend all of their time concentrating on their online business without promoting it are like shop owners who open a store where it is cheap and just expect people to walk past them and buy stuff! In the real world, this does not work and online this does not work. When you launch your site that site is in the same place that the small business was … on a road to nowhere without some hard work. This is where backlinks come in and more controversially where backlink generators come in too.

For your site to be noticed by the big search engines like Google, Yahoo and the like it must have backlinks; one-way links from other sites. The more backlinks you have the more the search engines believe it is a site of note and will raise it on its search rankings. Most people with a bit of experience online find this out and move on to the next stage which is frantically trying to get backlinks but many people go about this like that same small business owner, he rolls his sleeves up and starts handing out flyers on the street. While this works it takes a lot of time a commodity he is already short on.

So now you can see where the backlink generators come into it. A site that can generate backlinks for you is like hiring a small army of people to hand out those flyers for you while you can dedicate more of your time actually making your business better and the cost you pay to get those links working can be made up by the increased business you get.

So this all sounds good but is it as easy as all that? Does the investment pay off and just how good are those backlink generators? The answer lies in the quality of the generator you use, those that use shifty black hat tactics or link farms offer you nothing that search engines like Google will accept because they give low-quality links. You need a backlink generator that guarantees high-quality links for it to be worthwhile and then you can rest easy and get on with the business of making money!


Source by Michael Porteous

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