Doxil Coding Changes Again In 2020

Doxil Coding Changes Again In 2020

This year you might face issues in reporting HCPCS code Q2048 or J9002. Although all the practices are well impacted with the coding and billing changes this year, for oncology and hematology, HCPCS code changes are of prime importance. Here is an overview to help you make the correct coding decisions:

• In 2012 there were significant changes for Doxil coding and this has also been in 2020for HCPCS 2020. Amongst all the changes and updates, code J9001 has been deleted and added to the temporary code Q2048. But in HCPCS 2020, Q2048 gets replaced by J9002. But despite this change, Q2049 will be used in 2020for reporting imported Lipodox that will be used to lessen the shortage in Doxil.

• In 2020 another new HCPCS code is J9019 that is used for the asparaginase drug in chemotherapy and is sold as Erwinaze. Also, the definition for J9020 has been specified by HCPCS that will now state that it is “not otherwise specified” asparaginase.

• 2020HCPCS also adds a new specific code J9042 that is to be used for targeted antibody-drug conjugate Adcetris. Also, earlier outpatient facilities used to report this drug with code C9287 but in 2020 it is no longer in use.

• Cancer codes for mitomycin have also undergone changes, which is essential for treating various kinds of cancer like colon, rectal, lung, stomach, and pancreatic cancers. This antineoplastic antibiotic prevents cancer cells from multiplying. So the code J9280 gets revised and the “injection” term is added to it. Ensure you use code J9280 to keep your coding error-free.

• Although Immune globulin codes have undergone minor changes, code J1561 gets a deletion of Gamunex from its description and in code J1569 the term intravenous gets removed from Gammagard Liquid code.

• Two human fibrinogen concentrate codes J1680 and Q2045 also get deleted and have been replaced by new code J7178.

• This year there is also a new J code namely intravenous ibuprofen which has been removed from being a C-code for temporary hospital-outpatient into a J code. J 1741 has been added and C9279 has been deleted.

• You also need to ensure that you watch the units for relistor. J 2212 is a new code that has been added to it which is mainly used for treating patients with opioid-induced constipation.

With 234 HCPCS changes this year, your practice is bound to face challenges and being not aware of all the changes and revisions will further add to your woes and result in loss of pay! A quick, informative and user-friendly resource is all you need to keep your practice on track.

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