Dynamic Web Pages Through Jaxer

Dynamic Web Pages Through Jaxer

Jaxer is cutting edge technology developed by Aptana Studio that uses Javascript especially E4x which is the ECMA script for XML, a scripting language standardised by European Computer Manufacturers association, on both client and server side to work with XML. Just as server languagse like java, php, ruby and others it allows to connect with database, files for reading and writing, communicating with other servers etc.

In this era of web technology with increasing dynamicity in the web pages the frequent use of ajax for reading and writing to the server and translating back and forth to javascript becomes time consuming process. So to simplify and for fast communication with servers developers depend on jaxer architecture.Jaxer has a standard server end architecture and shares a lot of characteristics with other server end technologies except that it does automatically stores session data’s to the common database. Jaxer runs javascript on server using Mozillas SpiderMonkey virtual machine.This increases the performance of jaxer.

Installation of Jaxer

Jaxer runs smoothly on many platforms like Mac,Linux,Solaris,Windows. It comes bundled with apache,Aptana Studio IDE to work with javascript. Also it comes embedded with apache/jaxer server to run your application with jaxer. Aptana is a plugin of eclipse.So jaxer can be developed using eclipse IDE.

Coding Tips

  • runat attribute used in the script tag can take values ‘both’ and ‘server’. Both of this are capable to run on server side
  • Other than client side,since jaxer server is similar to firefox it is able to run javascript as Firefox does So if Jquery is used in such an application using Jaxer it should be run on both client and server end since JQuery exists on both side.
  • Jaxer consist of set package Jaxer>File in Jaxer API which can be used to perform file operations like read,write to text files note that this methods cannot work on the client side because of the security issues they have only enabled it on the server side hence these methods work only in the script tag with runat attribute is ‘server’.
  • Jaxer can execute a method from the server by proxy client method stub on client side with same method name setting proxy client method status true. In this way the server side method can be called from the client side onserverload=’load()’ -This method is used to perform initial loading process doing some server end activities and loading contents from server side contents to client side DOM components like textbox,textarea,combo etc

So as you see it is really a cool technology which work perfectly and can be implemented easily for making page more dynamic and user friendly.

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