How to Embed Keywords for Your Real Estate Website


SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the art of website ranking in search engine results. All real estate websites should focus on pleasing search engines for them to rank on the first page of the search result. Search engines decide which web pages they will show when there is a query in their platform, and to help them find and choose your real estate website, you should know how to perform real estate SEO.

There are many search engines, but there are only a few that matter, and there is only one that everyone is trying to focus on, and that is Google. Why? It is not because Google is famous, though that is one thing; another is that these search engines have their algorithm, and you simply can’t follow them all.

Google is very particular about keywords. Once the searcher enters their query, Google will crawl to different websites, and if you used your keywords precisely on your real estate website, Google would pick you to be at the top of the list of the result of real estate websites.

Keywords are one of the most important parts of SEO. Embed it correctly on your real estate website for doing real estate SEO.

Where to keywords for Real Estate Website

Meta Title & Meta Description:

 These are the most important part of SEO keyword placing. It is easy, but you should know how important it is for your real estate website. These keywords will give the first impression to the readers; it is an integral part of your website that the search engine will display in the search results. Make sure to connect with your website development team so you can access these parts and do real estate SEO.



 This describes the search engine about the subject or purpose of your website. Ensure that the header contains important SEO keywords you must use.



 This is another important part of your website and tells the search engine that you want to be found on related queries.


Body Paragraph:

 You should include your real estate keywords in your content, but you should be careful not to overstuff the body because the search engine will penalize you if you get caught. You should make sure that the weight of your real estate keywords is up to 2-4% only. Use them when they are needed but remember to avoid keyword stuffing. You should write naturally and with sense. You will find it hard in the beginning, but keep practising, and you will learn how to do real estate SEO.


Image ALT Tags:

 Images are a great help to SEO. They can help your real estate website to rank higher if only you place your real estate keywords in the ALT tags. With the help of using ALT Tags, Google can read your image. It is a label you add to the picture which tells the search engine that you have added an image to your website and it is related to the purpose of your website.

Keywords help the search engine to see and crawl through your real estate website. If you find it a little challenging, you can always seek help from experts. At least at the end, you know that your real estate website needs to be keyword-rich.

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