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Exhilarating Features of CakePHP 3.5 That Are Making PHP Development More Agile - Programming Codex

Exhilarating Features of CakePHP 3.5 That Are Making PHP Development More Agile

At present, CakePHP is one of the most widely accepted PHP frameworks deployed by developers for large and multi-faceted web applications. Apart from being based on PHP language, its supports MVC or Model-View-Controller paradigm, that makes development of complex applications more simple than ever. PHP web frameworks have been already known for their inbuilt features for simplifying web development processes like caching, validation, authentication, database access, or translation.

CakePHP being one of them have ingrained features and security tools, that help developers to customise sites the way they want and protect them from the probable security threats. While PHP developers always look ahead for more promising features in CakePHP in its latest releases, here take a look at the new features brought by the version 3.5.

Cache Engine Fallbacks

This latest enhanced version of CakePHP enables developers to configure and set up the cache engines with the help of a fallback key. This means the programmers can use the fallback key for denoting the custom cache configuration. In case, the cache engine is misconfigured or not available, it will get back to the custom configuration specified through the fallback key.

Cookie objects

CakePHP 3.5 version discloses two classes, Cookie and CookieCollection, which will help the developers to deploy cookies in an object-oriented way.

Enhanced methods

The version brings in some new and uplifted methods that are associated with a console, database, collection, validation, testsuite, event, ORM, routing. These enhanced methods help developers to perform various complicated tasks of web application development easier, without needing to write additional codes. Subsequently, it empowers the developers to work with multiple components of the framework at most ease.

Console environment

The new version of CakePHP is going to offer a better console environment to the developers. They can easily integrate the application class into CLI or command line interface with the help of a console dispatcher that comes along with the framework. Also, it has been added with integration testing helpers that make testing of console commands far easier and simpler.

Scoped and New Middleware

Middleware can be now purposely integrated into routes in concerned URL scopes. This aids one to develop special stacks of middleware for the various parts of the web application and that too without the necessity of writing any URL checking code in the middleware. At the same time, the 3.5 version brings some added advantage for the developers as it has a new middleware that can integrate CSRF tokens and Encrypted cookies.

While upgrading the CakePHP version 3.5 is simple and can be done with a simple composer command, it also needs the developers to use some distinct get/set methods, rather than the combined methods. Thus, it is imperative for the developers to adapt well the deprecated methods as well as their replacements before they start deploying the CakePHP version 3.5.

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