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Experienced SEO Guru’s Use Link Tracking Software


If you want to make money from your website, the most important thing is to have many visitors, who purchase from you. Such targeted visitors are priceless and many webmasters spend hours and hours linkbuilding in order to drive these targeted visitors from search engines. If you don’t have hundreds, even thousands of quality backlinks to your site, then you will never rank well with them.

Thousands of backlinks can be obtained at link exchanges or from other blogs within your niche. You need to have a plan not only how to get backlinks but also how to backlink software to keep track of them. If you have limited experience with link building, you might be wondering why you need to track backlinks. It is not enough only to post a backlink because very often this backlink doesn’t stay there for long.

The best way to track backlinks is with the help of link tracking software. Of course, you always have the option to track your backlinks manually but when you have a plethora of links, it is merely impossible to track them all every day. Many links will stay on the site where you published them (or negotiated with the webmaster to publish them) but there are also many links, which will be taken down and it is these links that you need a link tracker for.

A link tracker is a database application, where all your backlinks are stored in one place. You just enter a link and after that the link tracker automatically checks if the links are active or not. When a link is not active, or there is another problem, the link tracker notifies you about this.

Some link trackers offer additional functionality, for instance PR reporting. This means that you get information not only about the status of the backlink (i.e. down or not) but also about the PR of the page the link is on. PR is important stuff for search engines and this is why it is useful when a webmaster knows it as well.

Link trackers, for instance the free, are really an improvement over the old ways of building backlinks. A link tracker will make it much easier and less-time consuming to build quality backlinks to your site and will help you rank better with search engines.


Source by Jaden Dunn

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