Ezine Articles’ Christopher M. Knight – Interview II

Email Interview with Christopher M. Knight, operator of Ezine Articles Dot Com, Early September 2006. Second of three parts.

7.) What do you consider your most significant growth markers?

C.M.K.) First month with a million visitors, first twenty-five thousand registered members, first time we crossed the 250k human-approved articles threshold, and first month that our editorial team could handle 100% of all incoming load including author support without my assistance.

There were also many significant proprietary servers & software growth milestones that we’ve achieved along the way…mostly having to do with increasing speed & uptime, suspect content identification in real-time and quality controls added.

8.) Did you expect or desire to grow as rapidly as you have?

C.M.K.) Yes, we did desire to grow this fast and we feed on finding new ways to accelerate our innovation & growth cycles.

Big growth challenges are training new editors on the complexities of our article approval and review processes, and keeping all of our web services up despite making significant changes daily to the software (alpha to beta to live cycles are hourly to daily instead of weekly or monthly).

9.) Were you prepared for this growth and how would you recommend others prepare for such rapid growth?

C.M.K.) For the most part, I think we were prepared for this growth… especially since this isn’t our first Internet business and our development team had prior experience in our previous companies running a much larger scale data center. It’s still a daily struggle to keep quality standards high and feels very much like a high-tech startup even though this project is 7 years old.

Should others prepare for rapid growth like this? Only if they are prepared for the hard decisions along the way… when to risk taking on new full time team members or adding new arrays of servers before revenues can pay for the expansions, etc.

10.) You have great wisdom and understanding for a man of tender years. What are the sources upon which you have drawn most heavily?

C.M.K.) Ahhh *schucks*…

I’m 36 and have 20 years of being an entrepreneur under my belt. It took me all of my twenties to figure out what kind of an entrepreneur I wanted to be. I’ve failed more in business than most people I know, but I’ve learned an awful lot along the way. It’s amazing what you can learn from people if you’re just willing to listen and ask the right questions. I also read obsessively and participate in many discussion list communities to keep the stone sharp.

When all else fails, I turn inward and listen to my gut. Deep down inside, I think we all know right from wrong and if we’ll just stop talking to ourselves, we may find inspiration from within…especially when you give yourself permission to follow your passion.

(Interview continues with Ezine Articles’ Christopher M. Knight Interview III)

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