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Featuring The Metric Child Theme by StudioPress


StudioPress has taken a different road with their WordPress themes than most other theme designers. They take a theme framework and then layer on “child” themes that deliver a higher level of functionality and the perfect design for every site owner.

They are, in my view, a luxury line of WordPress themes for those who want outstanding websites. Metric child theme is in my view, one of the most stylish business WordPress themes available.

What Type of Website is Metric Perfect For?

Metric is perfect for a business website including professionals, service-based businesses and more.

The Metric Child Theme Home Page

The Metric WordPress theme from StudioPress is sleek, elegant, and delightfully simple. You don’t need bright colors and flashing, dancing designs to grab the attention of all web browsers. Sometimes simplicity does the trick. The designer of the Metric theme definitely understood this point. This WP theme is the perfect fit to any business or individual looking for an attractive and classy website to introduce their face to the world.

Keep in mind that it is not difficult to change the color scheme if you wish (but you will need to change the color scheme in the CSS style sheet which requires understanding rudimentary CSS coding).

Features of the Metric WordPress Theme

When you purchase the Metric WordPress theme you get six different layout options, ensuring that it can be customized to look exactly as you want it to. The home page is static with your blog falling to an alternate page and easily accessed through large links in a piano key-like design in the center of the page. The width of the page is fixed. The layout options are as follows:

  • Content / sidebar
  • Sidebar / content
  • Sidebar / content / sidebar
  • Content sidebar / sidebar
  • Sidebar / sidebar / content
  • Full-width content

Essentially you can have a single column, two-column, or three-column website. Better yet, you can change the layout for individual pages and posts. One page could be a content/sidebar layout while another a sidebar/content layout.

The top portion of the home page features a simple yet elegant background design. You can place images, video, and a bold title in this area to draw the eye and ensure your visitors that they have found the right page. This is a common business website layout. The fact is it works. I know when I switched my offline business website to a similar layout (I use Enterprise Theme from StudioPress for my flagship site), my conversion rates increased significantly.

The design incorporates an elegant rectangle shape with rounded edges. In some places these white shapes resemble piano keys and at other places they are turned on their side and simply look clean and classy.

StudioPress Support

All support for StudioPress WP themes is offered through an active forum on their site. You can register for a free account to access much of the forum while the additional member’s only areas are accessible only after you purchase a WP theme from the site.

StudioPress Pricing & Licensing

StudioPress WordPress themes operate a bit differently than other WP themes from other designers. Rather than just purchasing a theme and installing it you need to purchase the Genesis Theme Framework as a basis and then add on a “child” theme package to get the exact look and additional features that you want.

The Genesis Theme Framework costs $59.95 if you purchase it alone. You can purchase the Metric child theme that includes the Genesis Framework for $79.95. Once you own the Genesis theme you can purchase child themes for just $24.95.

The most best value option is to purchase the Pro Plus All-Theme Package which gives you access to the Genesis Theme Framework, the Enterprise WP theme, all additional child themes that have been released so far. The cost for this is $249.95. Please note that all pricing is as of the date this article was published.

All purchases follow the GPL license and give you permission to use the themes and the Genesis Theme Framework on as many sites as you wish without giving credit back to StudioPress. You can even use them on sites that you create for clients as part of a web design business.

Refunds at StudioPress

StudioPress is one of the rare WordPress theme designers that do offer some type of refund…and it’s actually a good policy! You can contact the company through a form on their website to receive a complete refund of all money paid as long as you ask for it within 30 days of purchase.


Source by Peter Lawlor

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