Free Dofollow Blogs – Building Backlinks One Comment at a Time

Dofollow blogs are weblogs that have the no-follow tag disabled on all the comments you leave on them. If you own a dofollow blog, then you may search for and add your weblog to a free directory so that other users may find it. You may use these kinds of blogs for the development of backlinks to your own website or weblog. You may also create a directory of dofollow blogs for other bloggers to use as a reference when posting comments for backlinks.

By leaving useful comments on other blogs you can get small amounts of traffic to your website. It may take you some time to search for dofollow friendly blogs. You can then leave a comment on the blogs you find and your link will be counted as an actual link by the search engines. This may help to increase your search engine ranking for free.

Some sites also offer a free list of dofollow blogs that you can use in your comment and link building efforts. Try to be niche specific when choosing which blogs to leave a comment on. If you cannot find any weblogs related to your niche then just choose the most appropriate ones nearest to your topic. Backlinks may be important for your website ranking in search engine results.

Many people are busy with compiling their own list of dofollow friendly blogs for other people to read and use. If you have a dofollow blog, then you may add it to one or more of these lists so that other bloggers may find it. You may also decide to create your own list and share it with other webmasters.

Dofollow blog search engines are starting to appear in search engine results. You may use one of these for quicker research. Leaving comments with a backlink to your own blog is just one of the many ways of getting more links pointing to your website. It is a form of link building.

If your blog has the nofollow attribute activated, then you may want to deactivate it so that you may join the dofollow blog community. It might mean increased comment participation by your readers. You can do this by installing a plugin if you are using the WordPress platform for you weblog. Just search for, upload and activate the plugin for it to start working. Another way is to edit your blog template by deleting all the rel=”nofollow” attributes from the code. This way you do not need to use a plugin for your site.

On the negative side, dofollow blogs may attract more comment spam than others. You may remedy this by using a plugin such as Akismet to take care of unwanted comments quickly. Now it is up to you to do some more research on the subject if you are interested. There are more than enough information about dofollow blogs on the world wide web for your education.

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