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Get Smart With the Apt PHP Training - Programming Codex

Get Smart With the Apt PHP Training

PHP training would make you familiar with several database functional specifications. Through the training you can learn how PHP supports for a better connection to MySQL. Through the training you would become familiar how best you can install PHP. For this you need to have an apt web server configuration. In case you make use of UNIX and Linux, you may require downloading the PHP source code. You can even install PHP with installer CD. This is available for all operating system. In the training you would get to learn about the manual steps which would make you know how to install the web server.

PHP Process of Encrypting

During the session of PHP training, a professional is being taught the process of encrypting. This is an assortment of security based functionality. Thus, one is being taught the process with absolute clarity. Now it is easy for you to incorporate security enhancement techniques to a particular application. With PHP you can conduct one way encryption. Once you encrypt a data you cannot allow retrieve it in the original form. This is the general rule. This provides justification to the name of one way encryption. Md5 and crypt are being used for one way PHP encrypting.

Protecting the PHP Source

You have a source for your PHP. The PHP training session will teach you how to save this source from piracy. Thus, handling and dispersing the application is all so easy now. At the time of distributing a commercial PHP product, you would be in search for a way to encode the source code of PHP. In the training you would learn how you can accomplish this task successfully. As a commercial application developer in PHP you may have the trepidation that the user or the client may decode and create changes in the product. In the training the developer learns how to provide the best of protection to the coding.

PHP Data Protection Method

It is generally discussed in the PHP training, that with the help of Source Guardian and Zend Encoder you can provide proper protection to the intellectual data. With these security products, you don’t need to make use of software. You don’t need a module even. The files which have been encrypted by Zend encoder fantastically works with PHP installation on the Windows platform. However, in this case, you would need to install the Zend optimizer on the server.

In the following phase of PHP training, you would get to know about the details of PHP session. A PHP session helps in storing a piece of information in a variable. The storing is done in a way that you can access the information easily from any page. These are valuable sessions for all users. Once a user session is over, the browser gets closed, and the session automatically comes to an end. Next, it is time for you to learn how to upload a file from the browser with the help of PHP. The process is not at all complicated. You first need to create an HTML form. Your next task would be to create a PHP script for a genuine file uploading. However, there are more to add to the learning list.

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